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Home CCTV Installation

We would strongly recommend our HD CCTV over more standard systems. In the case of a burglary or other crime, High Definition footage can help Police identify a suspect quicker due to a clearer image at an affordable price to suit your requirements and budgets.

Why have home CCTV?

  • Visual Deterrent

Thieves and troublemakers can see the security measures from a distance and will normally give you a wide berth in search of a softer target. This ensures that their identity isn’t caught on camera for an easy identification.

  • See who’s Outside without Opening the Door

Not expecting a visitor? Check your CCTV footage to see if your visitor really is who they claim to be. Reduce the risk of being a distraction burglary victim.

  • Check on your Property Remotely

View your home CCTV via your smart phone or tablet computer to get instant peace of mind or simply check on the family pet.

  • Play Back and Records Events

This helps the authorities identify and prosecute offenders, reducing crime rates.

Home CCTV made easy by SAO Security Systems.

"Here are a few reasons why you should choose us"

  • Approved CCTV Installers
  • Bespoke systems
  • 19+ years experience
  • Premium quality products
  • Free home security survey

The types of home CCTV installation we offer.

We offer a range of different home CCTV systems to suit different households’ needs from DVR's to the latest IP (local-network) CCTV systems.

  • HD CCTV - High Definition CCTV camera systems
  • IP Cameras - Best quality footage for crystal clear images
  • Switch Port CCTV – More suitable for large coverage
  • Covert Cameras – Otherwise known as “spy cameras"

Check your CCTV from your iPhones, iPads & Andoid devices and any PC/Laptop anywhere in the world.

With the growing reliability of mobile phones, homeowners find comfort in knowing that they can check on their homes from work or the pub with a simple click on a button.

We recommend mobile apps that can be connected to your home CCTV system and allow you to watch recorded and live footage on the go. Better yet, we can help with the configuration of this app when we install your CCTV system so it’s up and running before we leave!

The common objection for home CCTV.

The most common objection homeowners have against home CCTV systems is that they feel like showcasing this security measure advertises to burglars that there are expensive items in their home worth stealing.

In essence, they felt like home CCTV put a big red target on their home.

If you think about it from a burglar’s perspective, if he had the choice of targeting a home with a CCTV system that could capture his identity on camera, or a house without one, which one would really be the easiest target?





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